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Chandelier Installation

Professional Chandelier Installation

Need a new chandelier installed? We have handled hundreds of chandeliers in homes and businesses throughout Florida. That means we've fine-tuned our skills and knowledge over the last decade. We enjoy hanging lights (especially blown glass) and we know what the right piece can do to transform a space. Give us a call once you've chosen your new fixtures or if you're moving fixtures from one place to another.
The Process

Hang the perfect piece

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We install fixtures for homes and businesses.

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We use the right tools for the job. Our work requires specialty tools to get the job done righ.
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After a decade of experience we know how to handle delicate and expensive lighting fixtures even in difficult spaces.
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We take safety very seriously. We know the dangers inherent to our industry and we are proud to have a perfect safety record. 
"Really loved working with this company! Andy was a pleasure to work with, very professional and friendly. He really took his time and was very detailed.. I will definitely be recommending to family and friends!."

Brianna J

Orlando , Fl
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