About Us

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Our Company

Today Stellar Chandeliers is one of only a handful of dedicated chandelier care companies serving many areas of the country.

We are a team of skilled and meticulous chandelier experts who want to help our community by offering a unique and dedicated chandelier service to homes and businesses. We offer our services to clients of all kinds including schools, government facilities, hotels and even museums. We pride ourselves on our process, maintaining work safety and consistent quality.
"Excellent job, our chandelier looks as close to new as it ever has."
Tampa , Fl
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A Higher Standard

Every fixture is unique. Our process for handling them must be as well. We use custom tools and techniques to ensure your delicate fixtures are properly cared for. Our methods have been refined over a decade of handling countless chandeliers. We are very considerate of your fixtures as well as your home or office. Our standards for cleaning chandeliers will, no doubt, be beyond your expectations.

Stellar Work

There are a few reasons we took the name Stellar Chandeliers. Just as stars light up space in ways that spark our imagination chandeliers light up our living spaces to bring light to the darkness in interesting and creative ways. We think the name is both memorable and positive. We hope the name reflects our work and that you remember Stellar Chandeliers.
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