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Chandelier Crating

Professional Chandelier Crating

Need your chandelier removed and crated for storage or transport? We can help. We provide custom chandelier crating services for all types and sizes of chandeliers.
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We custom build our crates to fit your fixtures. They are built our of wood for easy transport.

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We have been crating chandeliers for many years. Our crates are build to last.

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Our crates are light and sturdy. We build with access in mind.

The Process

Crating and Transport

We are experts at crating delicate light fixtures. Our wooden crates are built for heavy, delicate chandeliers. Loose items such as hanging pendant crystals are secured or boxed. Not every chandelier should simply be hung in a crate. We will even disassemble chandeliers as needed in order to prevent breakage during transport.

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Open Crated to allow for access to chandelier.
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Standard Crating for storage on-site.
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Transport Crating to allow for shipment.
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We can remove and crate your chandeliers as needed.
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Storage and Transport
We can store your chandeliers as needed. We also offer local transport services.
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We can arrange for your chandelier to be re-installed.
"Really loved working with this company! Andy was a pleasure to work with, very professional and friendly. He really took his time and was very detailed.. I will definitely be recommending to family and friends!."

Brianna J

Tampa , Fl
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