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If your are looking to have your chandelier cleaned, installed or crated you have come to the right place. We are Windermere's finest specialty chandelier care company. Whether you have a traditional crystal chandelier hanging in your entry or your restaurant has a large art-deco lighting fixture 30 ft off the ground we offer our professional services for nearly any project. Call us today for a free estimate.

What type of chandeliers do we service?

Just about all of them.
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Chandelier Cleaning in Windermere, Fl

Looking for a company that can clean ornate, delicate and expensive fixtures safely and thoroughly? Whether you're in Isleworth, Lake Butler, or Keene's Point you've come to the right place. We maintain chandeliers of all shapes and sizes. We use effective yet safe solutions on the different surfaces that we may find on your fixture, whether that is glass, stained glass, crystal, brass, iron, copper, lacquered surfaces, gold, stone, or wood. We protect wiring, hollow areas, and the surroundings from damage to ensure your chandelier is in better shape that we found it. We may even re-wire crystals and re-arrange poorly hung parts. We will hand clean your chandelier, we do not simply spray and walk away. Most chandeliers parts are removed and individually cleaned. We are patient and careful in our process and we guarantee our work.

Did You know?

The word chandelier was borrowed from the French word chandelle meaning candle, which comes from the Latin candēla. Chandeliers got their start as candelabras and evolved into hanging lights centuries ago in the medieval period. Back then they were lit using candles until gas lights came around in the 18 century and electric light bulbs more recently. Today chandeliers of all kinds can be seen in homes and businesses. We encounter crystal, rod iron, blown glass and antique pieces everywhere we work.
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We are insured with a Million dollar policy to protect your property.
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We have been doing this work for over a decade. We are your chandelier care experts.
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We have the right equipment and knowledge required to handle nearly any project.
"Simply professional. It's hard to find a chandelier cleaning service. Especially one who actually knows what they're doing. I'll definitely have you come back next year."
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